Steps to build your community commerce

This journey will be fun, challenging, and rewarding.  You and your group will think in new ways and re-learn old skills.

The first thing you need to know is that you cannot and should not do this alone.  You need a few people to help you get rolling.


Who to look to for help?

First, you need a couple people (at least one person other than yourself!) that have positive can-do attitudes.  These folks should be interested in trying something different and building relationships. It helps if they believe in the laws of attraction (even if they don’t know that’s what they believe in!) and want to nurture and grow a know-like-and trust group.

What should those people bring to the table?

You need someone that is a connector on your kickoff team.  That person loves to help match make people and needs.  Eventually you will have more than one just because they will be attracted to what you are doing!

Other skill sets that can really make a difference in getting your community commerce off the ground include:

  • marketing
  • event planning
  • business development